Westchester County Paper Shredding & Data Destruction Service

The SwiftSHRED Approach

We are a small company and that is the secret to our outstanding service. We care about you and your business because we make it a priority to know you and your business. The people you speak to on the phone are the same ones that come to your office. Our founding principles are what set us apart in our customers’ eyes. Those principles are Trust, Loyalty, and Consistency. T.L.C. for short. At SwiftSHRED, we find a little T.L.C. goes a long way!

Our Story

Growing up in neighboring towns, classmates in high school, and roommates in college, our founders – Rocco and Quentin – had always dreamed of working together. These lifelong residents of Westchester county and longtime friends decided to combine their unique and complimentary talents to benefit this under served market. With combined experience in the healthcare, media, moving, waste removal, marketing, tech, design and customer service fields, SwiftSHRED only made sense.

Discover the SwiftSHRED Advantage™