SwiftSHRED Data Destruction

We Accept All Secondary Data Storage.

So much of your private information lives digitally and this information EXTREMELY VULNERABLE. There are a number of ways to access seemingly deleted data. Even after storage devices have been physically destroyed, there are still a number of ways to pull information from them if they have not been wipe properly prior to destruction.

Because of this, SwiftSHRED works directly with Tekovery to offer a complete solution with total accountability. Tekovery is the only R2 Certified company in Westchester and the only Data Destroyers offering a Seven Pass Department of Defense Wipe for all your data storage devices before physical destruction. This is the highest level of security available and it guarantees the highest level of service AND insurance for you.

What Should You Erase and Destroy?

Mass storage devices like hard disk drives and solid state hard drives, regular hard drives and all removable media like flash memory drives, CDs, DVDs, magnetic tape, etc.

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