Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What should You shred?

Any tax information, patient information, medical imaging, project proposals, bank information, etc. Anything that has private information in regards to your company or to your company’s clientele should be destroyed.

What happens to Your documents after We remove them?

We remove your sensitive documents from the premises and systematically shred every piece of paper. Your privacy is our main priority and we take this process very seriously. We then bring the shredded documents in a secure vehicle to a recycling center where it will be processed and recycled to minimize any effect the removal will have on the ecosystem.

Are You locked into Our service?

No way – every removal is different, and we tailor our offerings to your needs. With our year contracts there is a 3 month opt-out period. This feature is perfect for trying our service out to see if we’re right for you.

Do We do One-Time Pickups?

Of course! Give us a call and we can schedule an onsite estimate.

What different sized bins do We offer?

We offer a 36″ Large Bin option, which is ideal for a centrally located bin, and a 24″ Small Bin option that can fit comfortably under a desk.

Do We do server wipes?

We do not perform server wipes, but we’d be happy to recommend trusted companies that offer this service.

Are We NAID AAA Compliant?

Yes. We take great pride in doing things the right way in order to protect your past and ensure your future. This attention to detail shows we care.

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